The Root Community Health Alliance

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The Roots Community Alliance

Roots alliance

Posted on: 9 May 2013

At Roots Community Health we provide many services for our community, such as Residence-Based Care, primary and urgent care, RapidCare, Mental Health Services, Physicals, and immigration exams. We provide these services and many many other services with the intent of becoming our patients’ Medical Home.

Now we have created a coalition called the Roots Community Health Alliance. The purpose of the Roots Community Health Alliance is to convene Community-Rooted Providers and facilitate a unified voice for community providers who are so vital to the health of the community. Our goal is to collectively raise the health status of people of African descent and low-income/under-served populations through the provision of high quality, effective, state of the art, evidence based and cost-effective health care. Ultimately, we wish to eliminate health disparities affecting our communities through culturally-competent healthcare. Providers in the Alliance have been trusted and respected members of their communities that affect health outcomes daily. Together we can demonstrate this impact and increase its scale.

The Chief  Executive Officer, Noha Aboelata, who is also a medical doctor returned to the Oakland Area after graduating from medical school and completing residency. She returned to the community because the area was underserved by medical doctors. By opening the Roots Clinic she has made quality healthcare more accessible in the area. The Roots Alliance will ensure that physicians and medical centers thrive and expand, that new physicians will have a venue to enter into community practice, and that retiring physicians can transition their practice to another culturally competent provider, thereby protecting their legacy.

Another important reason for creating the Roots Alliance is the Affordable Care Act. Once the Affordable Care Act is in full effect, it can be expected that the number of insured persons will not be served adequately by the number of physicians in the area. Through this alliance, the doctors in the community will be able to discuss the unique needs of the region at their monthly meetings, and develop a checks and balances for the members of the coalition to ensure the needs of the community are met.

Thank you for reading our blog about our alliance. For more information or to become a member of the alliance, please contact us.


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