Community Health Education & Communication

Patients and community members are better advocates for their health when they have accurate information and health education. Our community health education and communication efforts, like our People’s Health Briefing, are designed to inform and equip those we serve with evidenced-based knowledge to empower them to make important decisions on behalf of their individual and community wellbeing.


Roots is dedicated to improving the overall health of our community, we do this through countless programs and services that provide resources, education and incentive to our community to pursue whole health.



As health professionals rooted in Oakland serving the people most vulnerable to COVID-19, Roots People’s Health Briefing cuts through the noise and updates the community with the latest knowledge and information every Tuesday morning at 10am.

Ashanti Smith, Intern, Roots Community Health

“People at Roots really understand my perspective. They’re able to put themselves in my shoes and they’re willing to help me. It makes me feel like I’m seen. It makes me feel human.”

Ashanti Smith
Intern, Roots Community Health