Day 9: Economic Empowerment

The Emancipators Initiative creates opportunity through workforce development and wraparound care. It remains a pillar of hope for those who have been disconnected from the workforce for an extended period of time, have experienced significant barriers to employment, and may not have basic job readiness skills. Members of the program are able to gain work experience through specialized, on-the-job training at our soapmaking social enterprise, Clean 360. The enterprise manufactures small batch, handcrafted soaps in their uptown Oakland factory. Development of workforce skills within the factory ultimately prepare our Emancipators  to competently thrive in future employment opportunities. The program additionally provides mentoring, navigation and linkage services. It is our aim to grow the capacity of the Initiative to train, employ and support increasing numbers of the reentry population.

You can support the program by  purchasing Clean 360 products made by Emancipators at, or visit one of our 3 retail locations.

Main Factory and Storefront
4107 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94611

9925 International Blvd., #12
Oakland, CA 94603

Kiosk, Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Mall (Closing February 2017)
3650 W. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.,
Los Angeles, CA 90008

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