Day 4: Culturally Competent Care

Cultural competence is defined today as the ability to communicate effectively  with patients of different cultures, races and ethnic groups. Nowhere is the understanding of cultural competence more critical today than in the provision of medical care. Racially, ethnically and culturally diverse patients enter various healthcare settings as vulnerable individuals who experience unique circumstances that are not always acknowledged by providers or clinicians. The difficulties may range from language barriers, dismissal of cultural and religious health beliefs, understanding informed consent, accessing services, or the denial of services. Such undesirable interactions are magnified by historical and deep-rooted feelings they may have encountered as a member of a different socioeconomic class, racial or ethnic group.

We are dedicated to extending and optimizing the quality of life for all in East Oakland. African American males in particular have benefited from our services . Our culturally sensitive care aims to address health disparities such as Prostate Cancer, Diabetes and Hepatitis C. In 2017, Roots will continue to deliver culturally competent healthcare iniatives to East Oaklanders in an effort to “meet them where they are at.”

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