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Roots CEO, Noha Aboelata, MD Invited to President Obama Roundtable

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We are pleased to share that our founder and CEO had the distinct honor of meeting and speaking with President Obama about the Affordable Care Act and its impact on our East Oakland community. Dr. Aboelata personally thanked President Obama for making coverage available to those previously unable to get the care they deserve, and expressed her gratitude in finally seeing especially men of color taking advantage of the benefits of preventative and ongoing health care – many for the first time since childhood. She also shared some of the challenges that remain, particularly for independent Safety Net providers who remain committed to serving the increasing numbers of Medicaid patients. President Obama acknowledged the work that still must be done to perfect the design and implementation of the ACA, and invited Dr. Aboelata to return to D.C. to continue the discussion.


Community Empowerment

Roots Community Health focuses on the health of its patients and the entire community. A healthy community requires access to basic services, economic vitality and community empowerment.

When outsiders are the only entities providing and profiting from goods and services rendered to a neighborhood, the result is political and economic disempowerment, and a loss of input and control over basic services and service delivery. Community empowerment requires that its people have the ability to speak on their own behalf and provide their own direction. This empowerment must then be passed on to subsequent generations in order to continue shaping the future of the community and to preserve communal autonomy.

Community empowerment and self-direction are of paramount importance when it comes to the provision of medical care. Roots Community Health leadership believe strongly in fellow community health centers, clinics and private doctors who make up the “Safety Net” in East Oakland. To that end, Roots has formed Roots Community Health Alliance, which aims to preserve and expand these critical points of access to care.


Roots is now enrolling into Medi-Cal, CalFRESH (food stamps) and Covered California!

Roots Community Health is a Certified Enrollment Entity through Covered CA. This means that we can sign up members of the community for insurance coverage no matter what their income. We are certified to enroll in Medi-Cal, as well as other insurance plans through “The Exchange”. Community based organizations, please contact us for more information on how Roots can support you to get your community enrolled. Community members, caregivers, patients, and anyone else who is interested in enrolling, contact us today to set up a free, confidential appointment to get you covered!


Roots is Electronic…with patient access!

Roots is proud to announce the launch of its electronic patient portal! This means that our patients can securely access their medical records online.

Roots has been fully functional with its Electronic Health Record and e-prescribing since the summer of 2012. Roots in-house experts made the transition smooth and efficient for staff and patients alike.

Thank you to everyone involved for making this challenging step a great success!


What is a “Medical Home”?

A medical home is a place that offers a variety of coordinated health services with the patient at the center. At Roots, we are continuously growing and expanding to meet the needs of our patients. We place our patients first, striving to provide friendly and professional customer service and excellent quality of care. Our role is to assess our patients and our community and to be responsive to the many needs we identify. This is done in the most efficient manner possible, while maintaining quality and continuity of care.

We consider ourselves true advocates for the community. We believe that the care people receive should always be dignified and humane. We also believe that our services should be easily accessible and should be coordinated by a physician-led team. As Roots grows and builds support, our suite of services will grow as well. We look forward to continuing to heal our community from within.